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Did you know that some social networks like Twitter are very powerful allies in SEO when used correctly?


Twitter is a very powerful social networking tool that can get you in trouble if you aren’t careful what you type. Your Twitter page and each individual tweet can be indexed in a matter of minutes and it becomes searchable by anyone whether they are on Twitter or not.


Some tweets do show up on the first or second page of the search engine results pages because of the words and phrases used in the message.


Depending on how well you thought out your message, you may help your business or harm it. You might not even be tweeting for business but a passing reference to your job or business could get back to your boss, customers or others interested in your industry.


Grab your free report titled Twitter and SEO so you can read more of my thoughts on this social network and SEO.


P.S. This report is rebrandable so you can put your name and Twitter ID in it and give it away.



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31 Responses to Twitter and SEO a Free Report

  • Thanks for the great information about Twitter.

    Jim Clary

  • My pleasure Jim. Enjoy!

  • Kelli, I’m glad you are learning from Gina’s webinars and hope this report is just as useful.

    Jerry aka itsaboutcash

  • Hey Gina,

    Thanks for a great post here, I’ll be looking forward to your tweets. I’m not sure I understand how a tweet can be indexed and how would I access the rss feed from my twitter account.

    I’d like to feed my seo tips for you blog with my twitter feed, (:-)

    Thanjks for all your help,


  • Hi Tom, Thanks for the compliment but this blog belongs to Jerry.

    Jerry and I work together at times on special projects – Twitter and SEO was one of them.

    You can contact Jerry at if you want to learn more about how Twitter is a great SEO tool, RSS feeds etc.

    Kind Regards,
    Gina 🙂

  • Hey guys, I finished ready your report about SEO and Twitter and have to say it was a real eye opener.
    I’m about to head on over to the

    Take care

  • How is this going to work if we all link to TinyURL for our posts?

  • Each tweet that’s indexed points back to your Twitter profile which helps build authority for that page and you. You may not be getting power from the link to your post BUT interesting tweets that are indexed DO draw clicks and traffic from the search engines.

    Google accepts 160 characters in the descriptions they show and a tweet is a maximum of 140 characters so the whole tweet is shown.

    By writing tweets with as much thought as writing ad copy, you are serving your followers well and leaving interesting crumbs for people to find in the search engines.

  • Okay so this looks interesting. I didn’t know we could RSS our tweets.

    Can I really uee this as giveway? ‘That is so cool THANKS

  • I wrote this report so you can rebrand it and give it away. Enjoy!


  • You’re welcome Fran.

    I treat Twitter like any other marketing tool. A certain block of time is allotted to using it to build my brand by sharing my knowledge and in commenting on tweets made by like minded people.

    You’d be amazed at how much information can flow in a 15-30 minute block of time.

  • Thanks for this.I have downloaded the book, and am looking forward to getting a better idea of how best to use twitter!

    I am wondering what is best when you have more than one website. All my twitter details are in relation to the above website…… it best to twitter separately for different sites?

    I’d be interested in your opinion.

    Thanks Gail

  • You’re welcome Gail.

    Your Twitter account is an asset just like your business website. If you are tweeeting about different things, your followers won’t be as targeted. By creating accounts with each niche website you have, you can brand those accounts and build a targeted Twitter following.


  • Thank you so much 🙂

  • Hey,
    Love Tweeting with you. Love your blog. Can we connect with our sites? I give you my free stuff site if you want to link to it or join. Joining would be cool. *W* Might I use some of your links on my site?

    I was in the same quandary as you and the light came on after a while. I think I am about to “get it”> LOL

    Hvae a great day!
    Joyce Sanders

  • Gina, thanks for the free report. Head over to my blog and pick up your free report on listbuilding. Its awesome!

  • Thanks so much for the report! I will add it to my site and future webinars! Your blog is on my RSS list now.

  • You’re welcome Susan. How to Write Marketing Articles is another free E-book that I’ve written. It includes giveaway rights.

  • Very helpful info. Thank you Jerry.
    Hey Jerry we’re neighbors, I’m in Haines City, LOL.

  • Your welcome Mark. Feel free to contact me if you wish to chat on IM or otherwise. I receive the webmaster emails for this domain. 🙂

  • I have read the book.Useful information thanks for sharing…

  • Hi! I just got done reading an article about how most social networking sites like Twitter, FB, MySpace, etc., have nofollow or truncate outbound links. Based on my limited understanding of how SEO works, wouldn’t that affect how your tweets are “indexed”? I guess I still don’t get it. I also don’t see how a few keywords can boost tweets so high in search engines, unless it’s a really obscure niche, I guess. I know tweets are easily searchable in Twitter Search, but that’s not the same as Google – yet. 😉

    Can you answer to any of this stuff so I can understand better what you are telling us? Thanks!

  • To me, the power of Twitter for SEO is multi-faceted. If you look at my Twitter bio, you’ll see a number of keywords. These help attract followers that are interested in the same things I am.

    As we tweet, reply and retweet information on those topics, our individual tweets get indexed and our Twitter pages get indexed by the search engines. Individual tweets may not rank high but they point back to your Twitter profile.

    Every tweet that’s indexed helps build links to your Twitter profile.

    The nofollow tag is to prevent PageRank from being passed to your website by your Twitter profile. PR is helpful in Google because it is their way of saying you are viewed as an authority.

    Twitter profiles that clearly define the interest and tweets on that interest will and do deliver targeted traffic which is the goal.

    This site is receiving 40-50 visitors a day just from Twitter and I haven’t been aggressive at building my base of followers.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thanks Kevin. I hope you repeatedly find useful information and stuff here.

  • appreciate the info guys, thanks

  • Thanks, I’m checking it right now. By the way is there an OS X version of the rebranding software?

  • I’m not aware of an OS X version of the software but I’ll be happy to brand it for you. Send your info to webmaster at this domain and I’ll brand your copy.

  • Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • great stuff guys – thanks for sharing!

  • Twitter does add the nofollow tag to links. This tag, when recognized by a search engine, prevents the leaking of PageRank. Google is the only major search engine I know of that pays attention to this tag.

    The tweets still get indexed by the search engines and they can be a source of traffic in addition to helping build your brand and authority.


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